Know thy spending limits lest your career has a blowout!

Yes, another gem in the comment section.  This time an article discusses the financial woes of a professional football player.  The foreclosure of his mansion has been initiated because he can’t afford to pay the steep sum every month.   JaMarcus Russell suffered from the same  improvidence as millions of others, but he just managed to do it on a grander scale!  Thus, the following comment is apropos for those familiar with American English lexicon:

JNSESQThere’s a term for this kind of ostentatious, irresponsible display and dissipation of wealth but it’s a (legitimately) racist term so I’ll leave it for Da Bros to use as appropriate since only they are permitted to say such things per the Political Correctness Handbook of Acceptable Words and Phrases.

Essentially, political correctness stops certain racial groups from calling a spade a spade whilst other groups may utilize it with impunity.   Now I’m going to legally slurp some purple drank!