When pigs fly. This is more bluff in an attempt to keep the dollar from tanking and gold from going up — gold being an indicator for inflation. If interest rates are raised, the stock maket will crash. And that will not be allowed because it’s the only thing the Bernank can point to as an improvement in our economy, despite the fact the stock market is artificially inflated and propped up by the Plunge Protection Team on an as needed basis. Expect more propaganda from the Fed and their shills. QE 3 will be instituted and then QE 4 — indeed QE until the dollar crashes and burns.

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One thing for sure, they can’t start and stop. And there will be plenty of peeps screamin’ bloody murder when they start.

I think everyone from the Fed voting members down to Joe Sixpack know what starting before next year would mean for the economy.

The stock markets have become a trailing indicator. When the past, present, and future are undeniably black, there will be a rush of foreign money heading for the exits and the institutions and mutual funds will be left holding the bag. Only fair.

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Fed’s Plosser: Funds rate should hit 2.5% in year – MarketWatch.