I possess no power to change the status quo, yet  I wonder how things are going to fix themselves with incompetent fools at the helm.  Irresponsible people who pay no  taxes, own no property, and are devoid of even a facile skill-set that utilizes reason and logic, yet they are allowed to vote.  How can people of this caliber make sound choices?   The answer is clear.

The hydraulic dynasties of the Near East and the pharaohs’ Egypt, despite their centuries of existence, were likewise vulnerable in a way that both Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt was not. Less than 3,000 hidalgos under Cortés decapitated the Aztec Empire in less than three years. In our time, we have seen, with the implosion of the Soviet system, the wages of central planning and a redistributive economy.

via VDH’s Private Papers:: The Fragility of Complex Societies.