By the way, another rumor floating around is that if you buy Andrew’s new book “Righteous Indignation” and see “Atlas” this weekend, and angel will get its wing and a liberal’s head will explode. What you call a two-fer.

Top 10 Reasons America’s Having a Great Week…

1. Tea Party rallies all over the country.

2. Sarah Palin and Andrew Breitbart appear together in Madison, Wisconsin this afternoon.

3. Big Thuggish Labor loses Wisconsin State Supreme Court election.

4. Obama hits 41% in latest Gallup Poll.

5. “Righteous Indignation” hits bookstores everywhere.

6. “Atlas Shrugged” finally hits the big screen.

7. Paul Ryan’s budget has Obama chasing his own tail.

8. Keith Olbermann who?

9. Donald Trump is now using words like “Rezko,” “Ayers,” and “Wright.”

10. The corrupt MSM is losing its grip on the narrative (see: 1 – 9).

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