More like the U.K. than France!

Protesters carried signs declaring ‘Islam will dominate the world’ and Jihad to defend the Muslims’ as well as banners attacking the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

via – Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Furious bin Laden supporters vow to take revenge.

Yes, the religion of peace has inspired clear thinking among the U.K.’s humble immigrant population.  It is comforting to know that Islam serves as an efficient tool in bringing the best out of a growing subculture.  Why shy away from from one’s own throw-back culture.  Adopting your new country’s customs, language, and culture seems rather passe.  Barbarism infused with Sharia is the real stuff.  Why walk toward the light when you can sit in the dark?  Better yet, our feisty Muslims can spread the darkness with a little help from the gelatinous spines who compose the English parliament.

In reality, the Islamic thugs are cowards, but they see their adopted country as being more cowardly.  That’s why they behave this way.  We can all thank the liberalism and the multiculturalist.  If Mohamed and his friends had any balls, they’d march and protest in Montgomery, Alabama or Jackson, Mississippi.

So what kind of people praise a monster like Bin Laden?  Those of us who live in the civilized world already know.  I just don’t understand why liberals embrace and protect the savages.