Come to Chicago and enjoy what hope and change hath spawned!

Speaking later Monday, Sykes’ mother Tonia Rush said she believed the bails would have been lower if the crimes were on the South or West sides. “If it’s black-on-black crime, nobody cares,” she said.

via Police Supt. Garry McCarthy vows to hunt down ‘flash mob’ suspects – Chicago Sun-Times.

Spoken like a mother who spent countless hours nurturing her son to live responsibly.  Actually, she is right about bail.  The roving thugs made a mistake by taking their rage beyond the confines of their hood.  Once out of their environment, their actions are nothing but hate-driven rage against Caucasians.  That certainly sounds like a hate crime.  Hate crimes are felonies and usually carry a higher bond.  They should have stuck to raging against their own if they wanted a lower bond.  I wonder if the state’s attorney even has the spine to charge the angry young men with hate crimes.