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Antibiotics? We don't need no stinkin' antibiotics!

A 24-year-old Cincinnati father died from a tooth infection this week because he couldn’t afford his medication, offering a sobering reminder of the importance of oral health and the number of people without access to dental or health care.

via Without Insurance, 24-year-old Dies of Toothache – ABC News.

The swine thinks otherwise.

     Dr. Rodriguez has all the answers and government knows how to fix the problem.  Why would one watch ABC news.  Trusting ABC with news and facts is like trusting the federal government with border security or Pat Quinn with keeping jobs in Illinois. You are better off going to Drudge or Fox.  ABC gives reliability and clarity to the news like Obama gives hope and prosperity to the economy.  

     I’m referring to the video that accompanied the “tooth ache” story.  ABC and the doctor’s talk points are based on a study that they refuse to discuss critically.  “It’s a really good study because it was big” and it ends right there.  “It was normed for age, weight, ect.,” but ABC didn’t tell you they are an agenda-driven “news” organization and they are only going to interview some jagoff who agrees with their agenda.
     Where was the conservative addressing the counter points and explaining why their ideas are inferior, lame, and bad for America and the rich?  You don’t have counterpoints when you are pushing an agenda.  Why would ABC have another guest to make their beloved Dr. Rodriguez look like a fool?  You can send Dr. Rodriguez back to Cuba where his government-loving attitude can bask in the miserable sunlight of a Communist dictatorship. Sure, he might have a dental plan in Havana, but no food to chew!  And don’t you dare complain to Fidel about that root canal or you’ll find yourself in the Cuban People’s Prison for the next 15 years and no fluoride toothpaste to boot!
     Why didn’t they tell us the guy with the tooth ache was probably an idiot, lacked insurance because he didn’t have the will to keep a job, and chose to spend money on a plasma television and cable service rather than pay for antibiotics.  He probably didn’t even marry his baby’s mama.  He got the tooth infection from eating out his skanky neighbor who he passes the time with while his girlfriend is at work. America is probably a better place now that his dumb ass is pushing daisies.  Say a prayer for the poor kid he sired; it will have to spend the rest of his/her existence with half of that idiot’s genes.
     The article went on to unknowingly make the point against universal healthcare:

There are a number of free dental clinics in operation around the country, where dentists volunteer to provide care to those without health insurance. But even if Willis had access to a free dental clinic, Stream said he still may not have been able to get the care he needed for his infection. “The wait is often months at these clinics, and this young man died within two weeks of his problem,” Stream said.

     You see, when stuff is free, you have to wait.  It’s great if you like to stand in line. So guess what’s going to happen when the government makes everything “free.”  The doctor running the free clinic is complaining about being overwhelmed.  Well, duh!  How do you think the whores would feel if they didn’t charge for services rendered?  This doctor needs to stop reading Marx and go back to business school.
      I understand why my perspective may seem a tad insensitive toward the plight of the stupid  and the uninsured.  Nevertheless, I’m curious to know what number they assign to the cross section of that particular population who happen to be both stupid and uninsured.  ABC wouldn’t discuss that permutation of data just like they won’t discuss the race of the rambunctious youths who run around assaulting Caucasians.  Perhaps the flash mobs are really a desperate cry for a one payer system in healthcare.  The youths’ lack the critical literacy skills required to write to their congressman promotes their seemingly disenfranchised existence, so they turn to savagery to bring awareness to their dissatisfaction with their insurance options.
     No matter how you try to address the “problem” of the uninsured, you’ll always have stupid people.  Since the government allows stupid people to vote, you’ll always have politicians pandering to that low-life constituency.  The results are what you see today.
Warning:  The content of this diatribe was written for readers who have a sense of humor, are employed, and sport a decent health insurance plan.  If you find the content of this email offensively vile and disturbing, you are probably one of those stupid people about whom I wrote (notice how I didn’t end the sentence with a preposition).  Due to your cognitive deficiencies, I trust you didn’t read past the first sentence of my on-going rant, but if you happen to be a statistical anomaly and read up to this point, you should stop voting (unless you vote Republican), procreating, and driving since you probably have no license or it is suspended for financial responsibility.  Don’t forget to brush regularly and floss!

Brush or be damned!