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Looters, thugs, and the undead that compose the OWS movement were taken on by a courageous warrior today.  “He faced off against a numerically superior force and held his own,” gasped on bystander who wished to remain anonymous.

WSGN channel 6 covered this incredible story that took place right inside the headquarters of the OWS movement.  Reporter Maria Salizar supplied the brave man with a hidden camera that recorded incredible diplomatic effort that turned into a ravenous nightmare for the OWS members.

“It seemed like a justified payback for the violence those thugs perpetrated today in Oakland,” stated Hector Jimenez, a street fruit vender who found all his produce either stolen or smashed as the marauding zombies stormed through the streets.

ACORN officials immediately condemned the intrusion of their sovereignty and demanded that criminal charges be brought against the hero who took out scores of their members.  “He just walked in and started cleaning house,” gasped John Cummings, a paid protester who sobbed while hiding his face behind a “Fuck Capitalism” sign.