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Microsoft App To Guide Users Away From High-Crime Areas Proves Controversial « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

There's no danger. The beaches are safe. I feel safe. You know where you can stick that shark app, sheriff.

The as-of-yet unnamed product is being referred to as the “Avoid The Ghetto” app by those who are concerned with where it will guide users.

“I’m going to be up in arms about it if it happens,” said Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace.

Wallace spent her afternoon at a rally on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and said she felt safe there, but fears the app may project otherwise.

“Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that,” she said.

via Microsoft App To Guide Users Away From High-Crime Areas Proves Controversial « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth.

Juanita Wallace has been sucking on the racial victimization tit too long.  What would she do if there wasn’t a race industry to shakedown corporations and the government?  The embedded  problems of ghetto communities are the real problem, but she won’t breath a word about addressing those issues with solutions; she’d be shooting herself in the foot if she did.  The NAACP depends on dysfunctional  blacks to continue their patterns of behavior just like personal injury attorneys pray for traffic crashes and slippery sidewalks.  Who cares about personal safety that an app would enhance.  Remember, these are the same kind of people who will take your firearm away and leave you defenseless.  Sadly, the blacks are the ones who end up getting the short end of the stick by being exploited by “leaders” and organizations who ostensibly push for their betterment, but insist that we all hold them to a different standard–a much lower one.  Such chicanery costs our nation untold billions of dollars, perpetuates the ghetto lifestyle, and allows a shenanigan like Berry Obama to become president.  I know that was probably too much for just an app story, but there it is!