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Happier Times

Now, of course, we’re not gonna get ABC News — in a race, by the way, with NBC now.  ABC, how about this.  We were told ABC had been very concerned about the ethical implications of airing their hit piece on a Republican candidate right before an important primary election.  I almost wrenched my back laughing at that, that the ABC suits were in an ethical fight, in a conundrum?  I wonder, oh, my God, what to do, what’s the ethical thing to do here?  If there was any debate at ABC, it was over when would be the best time to do it so as to cause the most harm.  That was the only debate.

via Drudge Screwed Up ABC’s Plans for the Marianne Gingrich Interview – The Rush Limbaugh Show.

I laughed out loud too when I read about ABC’s concern about ethics regarding the airing of Newt’s ex’s rant.  Well, who should really feel sorry for her.  She’s the one that helped him end his first marriage.