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These DHS policy changes, dubbed the “Morton Memos,” are stopping meaningful enforcement of immigration laws on the books by closing current deportation hearings (that billions of our tax dollars have paid for) and only selectively deporting hardened criminals who are here illegally.

This leaves millions of illegal aliens here to reap educational, health care, housing, and other benefits. Adding insult to injury, the Obama Administration will likely hand out work-authorization permits to people here illegally — the same ones that DHS refuses to deport!

The Morton Memos boldly proclaim the following factors as exceptions to American immigration laws:

  • The length of an individual’s presence in the United States.
  • Potential eligibility for the DREAM Act or other proposed amnesty programs.
  • Lack of a felon criminal record.
  • Ties to the community.
  • Relationship to a legal permanent resident or a U.S. citizen.
  • Age, with particular consideration given to minors and the elderly.

We love that back-door amnesty!

Congressionally mandated laws tell illegal immigrants, “If you disrespect our borders and come here illegally, there will be consequences.” But President Obama’s actions say, “If you come here illegally we’ll leave you alone.” Besides giving a wink to the people already here illegally, the president is giving a green light to all those who want to cross in the future.

The swine always loves to read stories about illegal aliens and their presence here.  So much effort has been spent to systematically rig the system to their advantage. They’ve adopted black American’s victim mentality, they linguistically segregate themselves by shunning English and demanding bilingual education, they milk the government of costly benefits, and our very Constitution has been misinterpreted to allow citizenship to their progeny–it’s all about the anchor baby, baby!  Getting kicked out means you have to be really really bad.  The naughtiness I speak of falls along the lines of murder, but everything else can be overlooked.  Examples abound, but you won’t hear the media harp about the problem too much.

Haz lo que digo, no lo hagas lo que yo hago.

The swine also loves the fact that the U.S. is an English speaking nation, but refuses to make it the official language.  Michelle likes it that way.  Notice how the Spanish in not only included on her chart, but it actually has a large type face! ¡Basta con eso!