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Judge Imposes Lifetime Driving Ban On 17-Year-Old Boy « CBS Connecticut

The tree usually wins.

A Rhode Island judge says he imposed a lifetime driving ban on a 17-year-old boy after a serious car accident because he wanted to send a message about reckless driving.

Judge William Guglietta revoked Lyle Topa’s license for the rest of his life on Tuesday in connection with the Oct. 23 crash in Charlestown. Topa and three other Chariho High School students were injured when their car crashed into a tree. One passenger was in a coma for weeks. Topa was driving with a suspended license at the time of the accident, according to The Westerly Sun.

via Judge Imposes Lifetime Driving Ban On 17-Year-Old Boy « CBS Connecticut.

This is a good start.  Driving is serious business, but all of us are guilty of taking it for granted.  We get too comfortable with a machine that can literally create horrendous damage, injury, and death in a blink of an eye.   The close-calls are reminders to stay focused on the road; the cell phone can wait, the radio doesn’t need to be so loud, and the sandwich can wait till you get home.