HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) — An illegal immigrant from Guatemala will be able to collect $750,000 he won from a lottery ticket he purchased in 2010.

A Houston County Superior Court jury ruled in 27-year-old Tony Cua-Toc’s favor Thursday that he was the rightful owner of the Jingle Jumbo Bucks lottery ticket, according to the Macon Telegraph.

Cua-Toc, who entered the country illegally in 2000, claimed that the business owner he worked for, Erick Cervantes, claimed the winning lottery ticket for him and ended up keeping the money, according to the paper

via Illegal Immigrant Allowed To Collect Winning $750,000 Lottery Ticket « CBS Atlanta.

Don’t be fooled.  Illegal aliens probably have more rights than a U.S. citizen.  This just another example of how little our government thinks of our borders, the English language, and all of us chumps who obey the laws of the land.