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Keeping the viewing public ignorant one biased story at a time!

Bias: We were wrong. The media elite did in fact vet this president, but they covered up what they found. And now that citizen journalists are digging it up, they’re trying to rebury it.

Exhibit A is the controversial video of Barack Obama praising and hugging radical Harvard law professor Derrick Bell. The media knew it existed four years ago and conspired with academia to hide it to get Obama elected.

“We hid this during the 2008 campaign,” confessed Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree. PBS had it then, but cut both the audio and the hug in a report on Obama’s Harvard days. The footage served as wallpaper. Now that Breitbart.com has put the entire video online, the major media have gone into damage-control mode for Obama.

via Obama’s Embrace Of Harvard Radical One More Piece Of Puzzle Covered Up By Media – Investors.com.