Community activists discuss Chicago's government-subsidized marauding youths' actions with the man who gave "community activist" its real name.

The latest attack occurred early Thursday morning. A spokesman for the Chicago Police Department said the attack involved “multiple” perpetrators near an elevated train platform. Described in the police report as a “strong arm robbery,” the group of assailants took the victim’s iPad and money and punched him in the face. No arrests have yet been made in that case.

The Chicago Tribune reported the victim was Jesse Andersen, the 35-year-old brother of Smashing Pumpkins front-man Billy Corgan. Mr. Corgan sent out a tweet Thursday morning saying: “My little brother Jesse was attacked and robbed this morning by 3 men. he’s ok, but if you want to send him some love.”

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The swine says...

The Wall Street Journal’s Julie Jargon failed to point out what law abiding citizens need to look out for when frequenting downtown Chicago.  Keep an eye out for roving bands of young European males traveling in groups of 10 or 20.  These “fair-skinned” youths have a propensity to attack African-American, espcially those who tote Ipads and sport expensive cell phones.

It’s nice to know that the WSJ charges a premium price and provides healthy helping of political correctness and fluff.  So let’s call a spade and spade and ask some tough questions.  Why is the American taxpayer supporting criminal elements in society?  Certainly the vast majority if not all of these goons came from “family structure” subsidized by our government.  Their crimes won’t have any consequence on the supply of funds directed toward their unique demographic.