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Human beings are not random events. Individuals and groups have different histories, cultures, skills and attitudes. Why would anyone expect them to be distributed anywhere in a pattern based on statistical theories of random events? Much less make the absence of such a pattern become a basis for multimillion-dollar lawsuits?

However little evidence or logic there may be behind the belief that an absence of random distribution shows discrimination, there are nevertheless strong incentives for some people to cling to that belief anyway.

Those who lag behind β€” whether educationally, economically or otherwise β€” have every incentive to think of themselves as victims of those who are more successful.

Those who want their votes have every incentive to go along, or even to actively promote that idea.

So do those who want to see issues as moral melodramas, starring themselves on the side of the angels against the forces of evil.

The net result is an invincible dogma β€” and a polarized country.

via America Is Polarized By Those Who See Their Misfortunes As A Result Of Discrimination – Investors.com.