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SIMMONS: Bill Cosby weighs in on Trayvon Martin case - Washington Times

I used to think that this guy was really smarter than the average bear, but then he starts opening his mouth. Oh well, time to downgrade another celebrity.

“We’ve got to get the gun out of the hands of people who are supposed to be on neighborhood watch,” said Mr. Cosby, whose remarks were the first he has made publicly about the case.

“Without a gun, I don’t see Mr. Zimmerman approaching Trayvon by himself,” Mr. Cosby explained. “The power-of-the-gun mentality had him unafraid to confront someone. Even police call for backup in similar situations.

“When you carry a gun, you mean to harm somebody, kill somebody,” he said.

An award-winning actor and great American humorist, Mr. Cosby, 74, is best know for the ground-breaking NBC sit-com “The Cosby Show,” stand-up routines and recorded performances, all of which are infused with familial humor.

via SIMMONS: Bill Cosby weighs in on Trayvon Martin case – Washington Times.

The swine says...

Bill Cosby probably means well.  His son was murdered and the killer used a gun.  Nevertheless, Bill would like to take our guns away from us because he believes that those who carry firearms intent to harm somebody.  I’m sure that is the case with some who carry pistol, but that can hardly define the vast majority.  Mr. Cosby could use the same kind of logic with cars and swimming pools because both those man-made products do their fair share of killing as well.  Automobiles certainly kill more people than guns, but Mr. Cosby doesn’t link the same kind of logic that he used for the Martin case.  He’s just shooting his mouth off about a case that has received a ludicrous amount of attention due to the race baiting.