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Just don’t look a my transcripts! I have to milk this charade till November.

Barack Obama may have got worse high school grades than George W Bush after new evidence showed the current president was among a college class with poor average SAT scores.

Doubts about the supposedly superior intellect of Mr Obama were first raised after he refused to release his academic record.

He has also made some factual errors during his time in the job – although he is still a very long way behind his gaff-prone predecessor.

via Did Obama get worse grades than Bush? New evidence reveals his college class got lower SAT scores than Dubya | Mail Online.

Doubts?  It took the media some time before they started questioning this goof.  He would have imploded under reasonable scrutiny, but white guilt, a compliant media, war exhaustion, and Bush derangement syndrome swept this guy into office.  There are actually people out there who will vote for this guy again!  They walk, or rather slither among us.  Hey, how about those great job numbers that got posted today.  Great job Barry!