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An Unbiased New Source! Really?

As if we who live in the real world didn’t see this coming!

May saw CNN’s average audience fall to 388,000, of which a mere 113,000 are adults in the 25-54 age bracket that advertisers covet. The figures represent an exponential increase in the rate of decline for the channel, which is also undermined by the internet’s rise in popularity as a breaking news source.

They also suggest that CNN is losing viewers quicker than rivals. For Fox, comparable figures (1.65m and 319,000) are down just under 10 per cent annually. MSNBC (658,000 and 213,000) is declining by around 20 per cent.

“It’s really a bloodletting; there’s no other way to describe it,” says Robert Thompson, professor of Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University. “The biggest problem is inherent in their brand. They are trying to stick to old-fashioned, unbiased news broadcasting when their rivals have worked out that to draw an audience when there aren’t major stories breaking you need to do the opposite.”

via The Cable News Nightmare: CNN (and Piers Morgan) in audience crisis – TV & Radio – Media – The Independent.

Did the professor actually make that statement with a straight face?  CNN is sticking to unbiased news broadcasting!  Thank God for the internet, National Review, The American Spectator, Fox News, and Victor Davis Hansen.