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Perhaps this sample of mold could have been used to demonstrate the purpose of the man-made mushroom.

A young Chinese reporter is mortified after mistaking a sex toy for a rare mushroom in a television report.Villagers from Liucunbu, a rural community outside western Chinese city of Xi’an, discovered the sex toy while drilling a new well shaft.Confused about what they had found, they alerted the local news station,Xi’an TV station, which immediately sent young female reporter Yunfeng Ye to the scene.

via That’s not a vegetable! Chinese TV reporter left red-faced after mistaking male sex toy for rare mushroom | Mail Online.

The swine said

Well, there is something to be said about the report’s ignorance regarding sex toys.  Would you rather date a woman who was well versed in this area, or spend time with the female reporter who hasn’t been around the block.  I’ll take the report any time!

Oh, go ahead and click the link.  The video is precious!