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Here are some thoughts before you go for that late-knight walk.

Michael Schmidt says he has no idea why a man he passed while walking his dog Sunday night turned around and attacked him.

“He came up behind, put his left arm over my chest, took his right arm, and slashed my throat from left to right,” Schmidt explained.

The attack happened at about 11 p.m. Sunday in the 1200 block of West Byron Street. As Schmidt gripped his throat, he said his attacker just stood there for several seconds, watching his victim bleed profusely.

“He just had this sneer on his face. I think he was amazed that I didn’t drop to the ground,” Schmidt said.

The Wrigleyville man sought help from a man at a bus stop at North Clark and West Byron streets. As they were calling 911, Schmidt said his attacker re-appeared. The man was standing in the middle of the street, looking at them with his knife in his hand. He then walked away.

Paramedics took Schmidt to a nearby hospital where the four-inch gash on his neck was treated with 40 stitches.

via Wrigleyville Man’s Throat Slashed in Random Attack | NBC Chicago.

The swine said

A black offender slashes a white victim for no good reason because the headline stated “Random Attack.”  Well, walking the dog at 11:00 pm is just another way of asking for trouble, right?  Bad things happen when the sun goes down and who is more than likely going to be doing those bad things?   Oh, did I offend someone by asking such a question?

I wonder how much government subsidies the offender has collected over his lifetime.  Was this a government-sponsored crime?  That’s the story within the story.  If the offender is ever apprehended,  it would be a real treat to examine his upbringing and chart the amount of tax money that was spent to produce such a monster.  I know I’m speculating; the offender could have been just a middle-class psycho who just happened to be black.  Nevertheless, I live in the real world and the probability of government subsidy is just too high to ignore.

The story within this story is the perpetrator’s past.  How many times has he been locked up for crimes only to be released by a criminal justice system that thinks nothing about real justice for his victims or the safety of its citizens.  Was his rotten childhood cause by government programs that discourage the formation of a traditional family?  Did he attend a public school that thought nothing of him apart from showing up so he could be marked “present” for funding purposes?  Was he taught that hard work, studying, and being responsible were uncool and silly things that only Caucasians did?  For those who are not in denial, the aforementioned questions represent the basic building blocks to a story about how overreaching government contributes, promotes, and insures mayhem and chaos with our tax money.

You see, the media just won’t discuss the underlying causes  of so many crime stories because it just isn’t politically correct.  It’s racists to follow up and expose that ugly underbelly:  Government programs that destroy the individual’s will to care for themselves.  The journalists would rather stick to their scripts by blaming a racist America rather than a governmental system  designed to perpetuate dependency while establishing a permanent voting block.

The politically correct agenda wants economic justice, equality, and race-neutral reporting (with regard to certain protected minorities) among other irrational and unattainable goals.  The media has adopted the agenda and shapes its stories to reflect their adherence to the PC creed.  The discerning consumers of media have predictably turned away from the mainstream sources and have sought out more reliable alternatives.  News organizations like the Chicago Tribune are dying and they only have themselves and their PC agenda to blame.