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I wonder why Israel doesn’t have crime like Chicago!

Standing confidently on the beach, with a rifle casually slung over her shoulder, you would think twice about knocking over this woman’s sandcastle.

The bikini-clad subject is thought to be a solider and a member of the highly-trained Israeli Defence Forces.

Since the surprising photo, snapped in Tel Aviv, was posted on the internet it has gone viral with many users reacted with shock at seeing such a hostile weapon on a sunny beach.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2173050/Do-NOT-steal-woman-s-towel-Heavily-armed-bikini-clad-female-Israeli-soldiers-mingle-Tel-Aviv-beachgoers.html#ixzz20YrWjSHo 

The swine said

All you need to do is let the law-abiding citizens arm themselves against the criminal element, and watch the crime stats fall.  Liberals won’t have any of that, so we’ll just continue to count the dead who happen to be mostly black.