Earlier this week, I gave Mitt Romney “two cheers” for going to the NAACP convention and delivering a speech lauding free enterprise. What the speech was missing was a strong condemnation of the monstrously wrong-headed set of policies espoused by Barack Obama — and cheered by the NAACP and most others on the left.

Now it is time to give Romney that third cheer. His speech in Irwin, Pennsylvania, was stunning. Speaking without a teleprompter, and glancing down only occasionally at his notes or text, Romney socked it to the president as someone who wanted to “crush economic liberty” and “make Americans feel ashamed of success.”

Obama laid himself open to this devastating onslaught with his remarks in Roanoke, Virginia, a few days earlier, saying that nobody built his own business… because, as he suggested, no one could do it without the helping hand of government in building roads, bridges, and the like.

via The American Spectator : Three Big Cheers for Mitt.