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What did you expect? I promised change and you got it!

Gross Domestic Product: The U.S. economy grew at a slothful 1.5% in the second quarter and way below the level needed to create new jobs. Workers and small businesses are losing hope. Yes, Mr. President, “you built that.”

Despite our $16 trillion in debt and a bloated federal deficit of $1.2 trillion, Obama and the Democrats keep telling us that we need more spending and intervention in the economy for it to reach “escape velocity,” as if the economy were a rocket ship or something.

Obama also likes to say the economy “grows from the middle out,” and that America needs “bottom-up prosperity” — two nifty little sayings that, as any economist worth his salt will tell you, are utterly bereft of meaning.

Economies grow when entrepreneurs start businesses and create jobs. That’s what creates “the middle,” and also what lets “the bottom” rise up. It’s that simple.

via Anemic Q2 GDP growth of 1.5% — just another milestone in the failure of Obamanomics – Investors.com.