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Guess who won’t shop at Target anymore!

The swine said

I tend to equate religion with ones sexual orientation.  Go ahead and practice all you want, but please keep it out of my face.  If you are a decent human being, straight or gay, you should be protected from violence and discrimination.  Just don’t expose my children to your deviance with television programs, ads, and educational curriculum that attempts to lend legitimacy to your lifestyle.

The trend to legitimize homosexuality continues to gather more steam and attract mindless followers.   Target made a mistake by creating a gay marriage ad like the one posted above.  I like to buy my stuff without getting messages like this.  Target can be pro gay by simply not discriminating; the in-you-face ad that promotes a deviant lifestyle simply tells me I have to shop elsewhere.  You want to stick some agenda in my face and take my money?  I don’t think so.  Especially when I don’t agree with the agenda!

Furthermore, alderman have no business banning Target from opening a store in his district because of its in-you-face pro gay agenda.  Let the chips fall where they may, but don’t have overreaching politicians try to mess with the free market. Target has every right to sell its products and government shouldn’t get in the way of economic activity because someone doesn’t like their values.  Let the customers decide.  In the meantime, my money is going to Walmart.

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