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Works and Days » California: The Road Warrior Is Here

Coming sooner than you think!

A coarsening of popular culture — a nationwide phenomenon — was intensified, as it always is, in California. The internet, video games, and modern pop culture translated into a generation of youth that did not know the value of hard work or a weekend hike in the Sierra. They didn’t learn  how to open a good history book or poem, much less acquire even basic skills such as mowing the lawn or hammering a nail. But California’s Generation X did know that they were “somebody” whom teachers and officials dared not reprimand, punish, prosecute, or otherwise pass judgment on for their anti-social behavior. Add all that up with a whiny, pampered, influential elite on the coast that was more worried about wind power, gay marriage, ending plastic bags in the grocery stores — and, well, you get the present-day Road Warrior culture of California.

via Works and Days » California: The Road Warrior Is Here.

The swine said

The article is long and depressing, but Mr. Hanson write a chilling narrative about the coming collapse of order as we know it.  California is a basket case and represents almost everything a government shouldn’t do but follows ahead and does it anyway.  The focus on liberal issues has brought the once proud state to its knees.  There is no money left.  Red ink flows and one municipality after another declares bankruptcy.  So what do governments do when they run out of other people’s money?

Here’ a gem I found in the comment section: