Why is it that in the previous decades, when life was tougher, weapons were widespread, and the ratio of mental disorders was presumably the same, mass shootings were unheard of? Some would say that those people had not yet been corrupted by moral relativism, desensitized by Hollywood’s fantasy violence and glorification of crime, or addicted to gory point-and-shoot videogames. All valid points — yet one major reason hardly gets any notice.

The set of rules for war are different from the set of rules for peace. Wars have always been brutal and soul-sapping; while killing was the norm, there have also been rules to spare innocent civilians. The inhuman murder of a random group of defenseless innocents for no other reason than murder itself was never a part of war — let alone of peace. What has changed in our 2,000-year-old Western civilization that makes it possible?


Admittedly, the major driving force of cultural change is the education system. Until recently, no generation of young Americans has been exposed to such a massive, centrally planned indoctrination based on the dehumanizing, soul-sapping “progressive” ideology. Accordingly, never before have students dropped out of school in such large numbers, with so confusing and conflicting views of the world and their place and purpose in it, with blurred perceptions of right and wrong, and infected with what I like to call “secondhand envy” and “phantom grievances” (which is similar to the Marxist concept of false consciousness, only not as far-fetched).

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The swine said

It will be interesting to see how the liberals will use this tragedy to force more control.  A few weeks ago I saw a high sign that stated that there were a total of 501 deaths caused by accidents.  Just yesterday the sign said 541.  That’s only counting the dead in one state.  If you go by numbers, the real killers are cars and the people who drive them.  Suppose the theater killer used a car and mowed down and killed just as many movie goers as they waited in line for tickets?  Would you have the same outrage toward cars?