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Fuel efficiency would be really nice if there wasn’t a trade off.  That’s how things go until new technologies are created to address the disparities given the laws of physics.  So our current president wants all these new standards that will kick in over time and ultimately kick us in the teeth.  For example:

“The rule finalized today by the Obama Administration will hurt American consumers by forcing them to drive more expensive and less safe automobiles. The Administration drafted these standards in secret, strong-arming automakers and short-circuiting the deliberative regulatory process to achieve a purely political result, abandoning sound science and objectivity to appease its political allies in the extreme environmentalist lobby,” Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif, said in a statement on the oversight panel’s website. “I support the goal of higher fuel efficiency, but this rule will only add to the burdens American small businesses and middle class families face under the heavy hand of the Obama Administration.”

Via Michelle Malkin

Additional attention to this issue is summed up here with a couple of videos at the end.  What a mess we’ll all be in if this guy wins a second term.