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So, what does a trillion look like?  Come over and take a look!  Now think of that huge stack and multiply it by 16.  It is mind-numbing to ponder what our federal government does with our tax money, but it is even worse to think about how the politicians borrow even more money because what we have just isn’t enough.  It will stop sooner or later because all of this nonsense is not sustainable.  All you have to know is simple math to figure out the crushing effect of interest payments alone.  Our media certainly doesn’t give this one issue the attention it truly deserves.  There should be a debt clock behind every news anchor and reports should be pummeling the administration and Congress for answer regarding the out-of-control spending and the necessary cuts that must be implemented.  I know, I’m just spitting in the wind.

The video speaks volumes about Barry’s ineptitude.  It is time for him to go back to Chicago and sleep in that house he can now afford.