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Almost before he was done criticizing the administration on this issue, many in the mainstream media pounced on him with a vengeance. Why? Because those in the media who are unethically coming to the president’s defense rightfully recognize that President Obama has a very large Achilles heel and that Romney’s criticism found its target.

They are doing this in part because many have read Romney’s 2010 best-selling book “No Apology” — the title coming in direct response to Obama’s believing he had to apologize while in Europe for U.S. power — and know for a fact that throughout the book, Romney warned of the dangers we face from radical Islam and articulated some of the steps that need to be taken to protect ourselves and our interests.

Those in the media who are now embarrassing themselves and shaming their profession to protect the president know his challenger has spoken out on this subject forcefully and with great knowledge in the past. They are trying to discredit him before the American people can discover those words and warnings. Fortunately, more and more voters are on to their game.

via The Media Are Embarrassing Themselves And Shaming Their Profession To Protect The President – Investors.com.