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This is the moment Ann Coulter wound Whoopi Goldberg up to breaking point as she appeared on The View on Thursday to promote her controversial new book.

Coulter took less than 30 seconds to get under the host’s skin, confidently claiming: ‘I write these books because I try to correct things people believe that are just false.’

Armed with copies of Mugged, she argued that America’s ‘legacy of slavery’ has lead to civil rights only ‘belonging to blacks’, much to Goldberg’s disgust.

via ‘That’s B*******!’: Whoopi Goldberg looses her cool with Ann Coulter during race row on The View as she claims ‘liberals never cared about black people’ | Mail Online.

The swine said

What is depressing about this show is the waste of air time that is given to these mindless women who blew their chance to ask intelligent questions of Ann.  If Ms. Coulter is wrong, then prove it.  Humiliate her by exposing the big lie she writes about; kill her slowly by shedding light on whatever chicanery she conjured up in her book.  Well, that won’t happen on The View.  Liberals can’t win on the battle field of ideas where logic and reason rule.  They prefer to make noise, bathe in hyperbole, and discuss anything but the topic while they project their own flaws onto a conservative. Whoopi is simply intolerant and her colleagues are every bit as ignorant.  It is amazing how the public will actually watch a show like this; it’s an intellectually dishonest and insults the intelligence of the viewer.  Did Ann really need the publicity that bad?  Now go on Amazon and order her book!