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The swine said

Things aren’t looking so great for Barry.  Nevertheless, I credit his election in 2008 to the vast numbers of naive, ignorant, or stupid people who vote for Democrats.  I can’t say that Mitt has it in the bag given the aforementioned reasons.  We have so many people who lack education, fail to understand how wealth is created, and believe in the mantra that taxing the rich will fix everything while collecting government handouts for their vote.  In the real world where hard work, innovation, and family values leads to stability, wealth, and happiness, one has to wonder what values drive Barry and his policies.  We’re less than two days from the election day.  Let’s pray enough citizens with rational minds will send Barry back to Chicago, Hawaii, Jakarta, or wherever this guy is from!


Books will be written about what happened, but early on the president made two terrible legislative decisions. The stimulus bill was a political disaster, and it wasn’t the cost, it was the content. We were in crisis, losing jobs. People would have accepted high spending if it looked promising. But the stimulus was the same old same old, pure pork aimed at reliable constituencies. It would course through the economy with little effect. And it would not receive a single Republican vote in the House (three in the Senate), which was bad for Washington, bad for our politics. It was a catastrophic victory. It did say there was a new boss in town. But it also said the new boss was out of his league.