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The swine said

Barry likes to make us think that the rich are at fault.  Higher taxes on the rich will bring prosperity according to Mr. Obama’s innovative methods.  Nevertheless, most people have no conception of the trillion dollar deficits that Barry has managed to create while he gives no honest answers on how this money will be paid back.  What does a trillion dollars look like?  How can anyone justify such spending?  I was mad about W’s spending, but Barry makes George look thrifty!  Anyway, the video above puts this spending in perspective and blows a huge hole in Obama’s “strategy” regarding the economy, tax policy, and getting this nation back on track.  If you get a chance to watch the movie “2016,” then you probably will consider the reality that Barry really wants America to stay off track, plunge the nation into a sea of red ink (we are already there), and never recover.  How else can you explain Obama’s policies?