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Farewell to a great warrior

Terrible news regarding the murder of renowned sniper Chris Kyle.  He was killed by a colleague he was trying to help.  Now we get to read, or in my case not read, the pointless comments from spineless observers who have neither honor nor courage.  His autobiography “American Sniper” detailed his heroic service to our country. He was the one who brought Karma down on our enemies, not the other way around.  My prayers are with him and his family.

The swine said

Ron Paul has often spoke about sensible government, smaller government, and kept my attention since he’d discuss points that others lacked the intelligence or the spine to discuss.  He latest tweet regarding Chris Kyle makes me wonder why I even bothered to given him a moment’s notice.

Certainly, America is better off now that he is retired. Such cognitive dissonance assigns him to a different stratum of America haters.