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Kensington digs in with ban on 'mega basements' - London - News - London Evening Standard

The Tory-run council’s Cabinet Member for Planning Policy, Councillor Tim Ahern, said: “If the cumulative impact of scores of schemes that take months and years to complete is to damage the wider quality of life in our borough I believe we have a right to take that into account. We also need to retain our soakaway areas and for that you need space wide enough and deep enough.  Basements that are storeys deep do not help.”

via Kensington digs in with ban on ‘mega basements’ – London – News – London Evening Standard.

The swine said:

So what if they want to demolish their mansion and build a new one?  Wouldn’t that make some noise too?  People are jealous, stupid, and cry because somebody has more stuff.  They’ll even gin up lame environmental nonsense to make it sound like there’s some legitimate argument behind a ban.

They tax the rich and now they keep the rich from spending their money.  Imagine all the jobs that would be created if they could just have their mega-basement.  Let the wealthy have their stuff! Excuses about the environment and a few complaining losers who are just envious are enough to bring the big bully gov into the fray.  That’s over-reach in your face.  I say dig it!