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They don’t share the values of dependency and envy. They’ll only propagate responsible citizens who’ll vote Republican.

The Obama administration is arguing in federal court that a homeschooling family from Germany should be deported back to their homeland, despite what they say is religious persecution. The German government prevented Uwe and Hannelore Romeike from teaching their five children at home instead of sending them to government-run schools, fining them and threatening to prosecute them if they don’t obey.

via Obama administration wants to DEPORT home schooling family to Germany, where they were fined and threatened with prosecution for teaching their own children | Mail Online.


The swine said

All those illegal aliens that get to send their progeny to our public schools on our dime, collect food stamps, and they live among us without a worry in the world of deportation unless they have felony record.  Oh wait, Big Sis set all those naughty boys free due to all those sequestration cuts.  Anyway, below is a link for the petition site regarding this family’s case.  Give them a hand by signing it.  The country is inundated with illegal aliens, yet the government wants to kick these people out.

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Too White, Too Responsible

And Too Studious!

Those stupid Germans should have flown to Mexico, crossed the desert, and registered as Democrats like the rest of us!