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“I pay 17 thousand dollars in property taxes and I’m sick of it,” stated one woman who is unaware that her tax money supports the production, maintenance, and further production of marauding teens.

I watched the video and wondered why all those white teenagers were acting up and running amuck.  Oh, the marauding youth turned out to be hoards of black teens subsidized by our tax dollars.  Sorry, only absent parents, or rather irresponsible baby’s mamas are to blame along with government policies that reward reckless procreation with monetary subsidies for more reckless procreation.

The ubiquitous community organizer comments on rambunctious marauding black youth without saying “black.”

Andrew Holmes made false claims regarding the parents of the out-of-control throng by saying that the parents need to check their child if they’ve been arrested.  Come on Andrew, these feral beasts have no parents–the government went to great lengths to make sure of that!   I think every news channel had a mic in this guy’s face.  Another example of the new’s soft touch regarding minorities, especially the black ones, and crime.

Even the Droogs chimed in on the rather shoddy methods used to create mayhem in Chicago’s streets.

“How could anyone with a sense of pride participate in a meaningless parade of nothingness,” quipped Alex, leader and brainchild of a marauding four man team in the U.K.  “When we have a thirst for the ulta-violent, we fancy a romp without diluting the experience with more participants.   We viddy a mark, take pleasure in drawing some blood, reap some copper, and after feeling rather fagged and shagged we head over to the Korova Milk Bar for some milk plus.  Me and my droogies have standards unlike those savage blokes in Chicago.

If I had mob, it would look like that nonsense in Chicago.

President Obama blamed the Bush administration for the violence in Chicago in late March.  His impassioned speech addressed the core issues regarding the flash mobs:

“I’m sure people would like to blame the warm weather or the racial makeup of the melee participants.  One might even go as far as to blame the hard working layabout single mothers who bore these ragging beasts out of wedlock without ever having any intention to wed the sperm downer.  No explanation can best expose the genesis of these violent outbreaks than the former Bush administration that failed to properly subsidize the degenerate, the unwilling, and the sloth.  I’m here to change that and I’m changing it now.  But lets focus on gay marriage and gun control; pay no attention to the debt, illegal aliens, and endless spending.  We get through this by borrowing our way to prosperity.”