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Pee tickets, larger fines, and jail time–Chicago’s answer to violent crime spawn from government-subsidized Democrat voting block.

What are the drunks going to do with all that urine?  Hey, no more dice throwing in the alley!  Does that mean I have to buy an Xbox now?

For these three offenses, the rates of default have been in the 50 to 70 percent range. . . . Residents forced to observe these behaviors eventually become numb to these violations of decency and unacceptable behavior. As a result, the scale of acceptable behavior gradually falls away,” Georgas said. “This sort of unchecked behavior will then lead to further disorder and can ultimately lead to other crimes such as solicitation, narcotics sales and gang loitering. That is why it is imperative that we enforce these quality of life issues that are being ignored, so offenders realize their behavior will not be accepted.”

Does one beget another?

For starters, the state, county, and city are broke.  The jails can’t even house the murders for their entire sentence.  Do they really think there is room for peeing offenders who don’t pay their tickets?

The big-cheese police boss says the community becomes numb with offenses like these going unpunished.  Well, that “community” is already inured to not working for a living, not raising children in a two parent home, not raising children period, and electing Democrats who push policies that foster more and more dependency on government.  Drinking, gambling, and pissing are just a normal symptoms of existence in a government-subsidized subculture.

Take away the section 8, cancel the Link cards, stop rewarding reckless procreation, and wipe out that overblown sense of entitlement.   These miserable people would be able to lead a life if the government would just let them live it like the rest of us.