The direct action group said it will hold events in central London to bring the impact of the cuts home to “millionaire misery makers” and highlight the effect of the bedroom tax and the cuts to benefits.

Rachel Johnson, a UK Uncut activist, said: “This government is turning Margaret Thatcher’s wildest dreams into a nightmarish reality for ordinary people.”

The exact locations of the protests will not be revealed until tomorrow. However, it called on the public to target their “local millionaire misery maker”. The group has publicly distanced itself from Trafalgar Square party.

via Football fans vow to confront anti-Thatcher demonstrators – Telegraph.

The swine said:

The layabouts have such a distorted view of the true role of government and the liberals foster, feed, and propagate the cycle of poverty with stunning efficiency.     Progressives left unchecked will devour everything.  God bless Mrs. Thatcher for keeping mindless liberals at bay while driving a stake into the heart of the red menace a.k.a. Soviet Union.