The liberals’ contempt for Mrs. Thatcher helps to bolster the fact that she was right they were terribly wrong.

A host of Republican politicians led the American delegation at former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s funeral in London on Wednesday but no Democrats made the trip.

Neither President Obama nor vice president Joe Biden attended the service, opting instead to send two former secretaries of state in their place.

The highest-profile American names included two failed Republican presidential candidates- Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich- along with Henry Kissinger, former President Nixon’s secretary of state.

via Margaret Thatcher’s funeral guests: Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney & Michele Bachmann turn out | Mail Online.

The swine said:

CBS news on the radio today could only say “she was the most influential” and left it at that as they made reference of the funeral today.  Less than 20 seconds on the world news roundup and no mention of her accomplishments.  Honestly, I apart from getting the weather forecast, I don’t know why I bother listening.