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Mark Steyn’s article does attract great commentary.


The tax code will never be truly revised because it isn’t about generating revenue. The tax code is all about power. The power of the purse and the power of favors. Try to get rid of it and make it revenue neutral, people will scream. Try to simplify it and show how more money will be generated and people will scream it’s regressive. Try to make it fair (meaning everybody pays their fair share) and people will howl. It doesn’t matter is you could show that a flat 5% on all wage earners would generate more money, it would be squelched as unfair to the poor. It wouldn’t matter if you suggested a flat 5% sales tax on everything but food and lodging, they would scream about it’s harming someone. Car companies would lobby against (increases the car price by 5%), realtors would lobby against (we must have that interest deduction), GE would be screaming and the CPA lobby would justifiably revolt.

Think about it, every savings account a 401K, more money in your paycheck and, a tax plan that rewards saving and restraint. Impossible!
They want the power and they won’t yield it to us under any circumstances.