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The face of America is changing. More than half of all babies in the United States are now of color. By the end of this decade, most youth will be too. Within three decades, more than half of all Americans will be people of color.

But even as our country grows more diverse, inequity for people of color continues to grow. The Great Recession caused a huge and disproportionate drop in wealth for people of color. Black family wealth fell 31 percent; Latino family wealth dropped 44 percent, while white families lost only 11 percent of their wealth. As a result, families of color went from having a quarter of the wealth of white families to just one-sixth.

These opposing trends — increasing inequity in the midst of rapid demographic changes across the country — require us to reassess our priorities and acknowledge that the future prosperity of the United States depends on embracing our nation’s diversity today. Our chasms are deep. But if we address these gaps, we can grow more robustly.

via Opinion: Diversity is our greatest asset – Neera Tanden and Angela Glover Blackwell – POLITICO.com.

The swine said

They never tell you what it means to embrace diversity.  The meaningless buzz word is basically code for government intervention in the form of quotas, affirmative action, and other measures that snuff out liberty.  Tanden and Blackwell’s pleas, demands, and grievances focus on society at large because they are fronting for the “victims”; something akin to the tail wagging the dog since the expectation of the race hustler centers on the rest of us accommodating the designated special groups defined by race.  The values of personal responsibility and hard work are not part of the equation since such values would diminish the hustler’s base.  A responsible and hard working citizen of any color makes his own way in life and has little use for someone who peddles divisive rhetoric while promoting envy and hopelessness.

Thomas Sowell’s explanation of race hucksters provides a clear insight into the misdirection employed by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Not-So-Sharpton.  Neera Tanden and Angela Glover Blackwell part of that machine designed to promote cognitive dissonance marketed as diversity.  They are all about big government and despise the free market.