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Make a rule and apply it retroactively to the editor whose spewing all that truth.

Building a Smart Grid to get into a telecom sector already well-served by private companies was a bad idea from the start. But getting government involved in places it doesn’t belong is a hallmark of your administration. As a result, you and your policymakers were happy to fund the Gig to Nowhere.You claimed that the Smart Grid would create jobs for Chattanooga. But in reality, all it did was push America deeper in debt and lure a local government agency into making a terrible financial decision that will weigh on Chattanoogans like a millstone for decades to come.So excuse us, Mr. President, for our lack of enthusiasm for your new jobs program. Here in Chattanooga we’re still reeling from your old one.

via President Obamas policies have harmed Chattanooga enough | timesfreepress.com.

The swine said:

Drew Johnson, an editor for the Chattanoogan paper, was subsequently fired for the above article that was entitled “Take Your Jobs Program And Shove It, Mr. President.”  This is an obvious display of liberals and spineless management silencing opponents of Barry thus protecting him from fact-based criticism.  The presidents supporters can’t function within the realm of ideas and facts; their objective is to simply snuff out contrary opinion.