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The short video explains the power of voting with your purchases and how choosing American -made produces will stem the tide of outsourcing.


The swine said:

There are three points that I believe will spell failure to an otherwise solid plan to reinvigorate the American economy.  First, Americans by and large are terrible voters and make poor choices when given the power to choose.  They gave the fox the keys to the hen house twice when it came for electing an executive to the White House!  Voting with their purchases is really asking a lot from a populace who decided to throw their country away when they casted their ballots for Obama.

The second point concerns economic laws.  Paying more and getting less runs counter to getting the most bang out of your buck.  Buying just an extra 5% of American made products doesn’t seem like much, but spreading that increase across the nation will in fact employ the power of economies of scale. Certainly, the sheer force of numbers will drive businesses to supply the demand. Sure, the old law of supply and demand will buoy up the sectors of the economy where people are purchasing more products.  Nevertheless, there are fatal systemic problems that the narrator didn’t touch on.

Finally, systemic problems promote a toxic economic environment.  Government’s overreaching regulations, onerous taxation, and a host of business disincentives drives jobs, talent, and wealth from our shores.  The American people, perhaps unknowingly, voted for this array of wealth-killing initiatives by electing a president who knows nothing about creating wealth, but certainly excels in taking it or destroying it.

I can’t knock the narrator for putting forth an approach that empowers consumers to promote positive economic change.  Lord knows our country needs it.  However, the very people who need to make these changes are also the ones who voted for America’s demise.  We are quickly becoming a nation of takers and looters. Government policy has created the perfect death spiral of disincentives that fuel a perpetuating underclass dependent on an elected entity that eviscerates the economic forces that would have created the jobs, opportunities, and independence for the very people they claim to be helping.  Let the truth be know, the politicians really don’t want people to be independent; they just might start thinking on their own and start voting for the other guy who promotes liberty and wealth through free markets, smaller government, and rule of law.

Granted, buying American products will promote job growth, but it’s a pipe dream when we have an electorate that puts a man like Obama in the highest office in the land.  Don’t forget to thank the fourth estate, our beloved media, for making the Obamanation a reality.