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All the devious machinations of politicians and the dismal results are more often than not without consequence to the elected official.  A comment for a Social Security op-ed tells it like it is: 

“We’ll hear arguments like, “not all Americans were privileged to work 
for employers who provided them with private retirement accounts,” and 
“those privileged workers need to ‘give back’ to the less privileged who
only have Social Security to rely on.”

It’s never the politicians who have to ‘give back’ to the less fortunate. It’s always the hard working taxpayers. The underfunding which the politicians produce is never their responsibility to fix but ours. Their mismanagement, incompetence and profligacy must always be ameliorated by reaching into our pockets, not theirs. The deficits they create must be eliminated by our sacrifices, not theirs.

More people are experiencing the “burdens” that bloated and irresponsible government produces to fund the “benefits” for those whose main contribution is to vote for the politicians who reach into our pockets to fill theirs.