I couldn’t help but laugh at this woman’s efforts to dodge and deceive.  Sure Hillary, you did everything that was required of you according to the rules you made for yourself.   Apart from the convenience of using one device for email, it was rather shrewd of you to commingle “personal” emails with your official correspondence.  That way if some embarrassing or incriminating communication needs to be deleted, you can do so and avoid that whole accountability thing that only lower entities have to shoulder.

Hillary@StateDept.gov? No thanks.

Why hasn’t the FBI served this woman with a warrant and confiscated the server as evidence?  Perhaps Hillary hasn’t been given enough time to delete all the evidence.

Hillary, like most politicians, did an awful job of answering the reporters’ questions today at the UN.  She dodged the question regarding the Saudi money flowing into her foundation, she failed to answer the query into her knowledge of the security hazards, but she did managed to start the whole show by stating the Republicans were “out of step” regarding the open letter to Iran.

Judge Napalitano gives some insight into what may lay ahead for Hillary.