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Remember what happened in 2008?

Is the financial mainstream discriminatory?  It discriminates like any other rational entity that is vying to survive and make a profit.  Why should a bank lend to a person who is irresponsible, unreasonably risky, or both?  According to the race hustlers, certain racial minorities require special consideration because they are disproportionately turned down for a home loan.  This is another example of government meddling that has ostensive motives to assist the poor, but in reality create economic havoc and ultimately hurt the very people they purport to be helping.  And as often is the case, the poorly conceived policies are reinforced and propagated because the intention of doing good outweighs the stark reality of failure and misery that such policies sustain and perpetuate.

Required Reading For Understand The Housing Bubble

The Big Short and IBD editorials cover the housing bubble of 2008 and the new bubble that is growing right now.  Like most Democratic policies, chaos will ensue once the unsustainable nature of the policy runs head-on into reality.  Unlike the realities in the private sector, poor decisions through policy making is often rewarded by the ignorant voters who sip the same koolaid that a corrupt and sycophantic media continues to pour.