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Police in Cologne

David French wrote a piece describing how governments and the media conspire to hide the truth regarding Muslims.  It is nothing new and has been practiced both in Europe and the United States for quite some time.  Pervasive black crime in large cities like New York and Chicago will often report the crime without any description of the perpetrator.  More often than not, it is not for the lack of a description of the offender, but rather an agenda driven media with other ideas about truth regarding minority criminals.  As Mr. French points out:

The truth disrupts the elite’s preferred multicultural narrative, which places all faiths and cultures on equal footing — except for our despised Western civilization. The truth must therefore be suppressed. But the lies are starting to backfire. Victims can’t be ignored indefinitely, and it’s hard to hide mass-scale public assaults. Since 9/11, Western governments and mainstream media have relentlessly pounded their people with deception and wishful thinking about Islam, jihad, and the Middle East. The lies are now being exposed by the light of day. Will enough people care?

Here is classic example of denial. Mayor Jim Kenny and his astonishing double-speak regarding an admitted Islamist’s attempt to assassinate of Philadelphia police officer :

The president, who often has much to say about white police officers shooting black thugs, was silent regarding the ISIS acolyte and his attempt to kill a patrolman.  Does Obama believe such stories get in the way of the law-abiding America-loving refugee image he’d like to perpetuate as he tries to import more Muslims into America?  How long will a discerning public put up with such distortions, lies, and cover-ups?