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In a devastating hearing for FBI Director James Comey, Republicans forced Comey to acknowledge that Hillary was “unintentionally criminally negligent,” but that he had rewritten federal law to get her off; that Hillary lied repeatedly, but that the FBI didn’t record its interview with her; that Comey didn’t know if Hillary lied to the FBI in reality, but cleared her anyway.

It was an ugly spectacle for Comey, who came into the day having thoroughly indicted Hillary in the court of public opinion, but allowing her to escape legal justice. Comey said that the Clinton camp didn’t “know they were doing something illegal,” which is absolutely asinine – why else set up a private server and then refuse repeated admonitions from the State Department?

via Comey: We Didn’t Tape Hillary’s Interview, She’s Negligent, She Lied. But That Doesn’t Mean She Did Anything Wrong! | Daily Wire