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The religion of peace strikes again, but this time truck manufacturers and possibly petroleum producers that powered said vehicle are on the hook for creating and enabling an instrument of terror.  Nevertheless, let us not act too hastily in passing judgement on the machine and its manufacturer; this could serve as a learning moment.

Indeed, not all trucks are the same.  The white truck in Nice, France behaved rather badly, but we shouldn’t let that incident diminish our collective perception of other trucks.  The #NotAllTrucks is ablaze with pithy Twitter insight.  Here’s one gem:


The driver of the truck is blameless due to the fact that he was only fulfilling one of the basic tenants of his beloved Islamic faith–smiting the infidel.  And lets face it, how many of those 50 or so French pedestrians were devout Muslims or non believers paying their jitza (also known as Obama’s fair share)?  If you ask me, I’d say those croissant-eating cappuccino-sipping Frenchmen had it coming; they’ll just have learn to embrace multiculturalism, take sensitivity classes, buy a prayer rug, and find out where the hell Mecca is when the call to prayer is announced.  In the meantime, don’t let the xenophobia and bigotry get in the way of more mass migration of more like-minded Muslims in the E.U. and U.S.  These Islamic people integrate into western society so seamlessly; that is why you never see or hear them in mass protesting these acts of terror!